How to Make and Style Your Bed

Making your bed every day will make your space feel cozy, warm and inviting. And a space that you want to retreat to every evening.

Adding those layers and textures and properly doing it is why we’re here.


First let’s deconstruct it and take it down to the basics.

We’re making our bed with white terry sheets. Investing in good quality sheets is crucial to having that cozy bed. See top rated bed sheets.

These are 100 cotton organic and amazing.

First you’re going to tuck it in on the ends and then you’re going to roll it back.

We’re going to use our pillows for measuring and you’re going to stick your hand underneath and fold it over so that it sits just under where your pillows lie.

That will give you a nice clean edge. And then tuck it in underneath.

And there you have it.

Quick tip! Tuck in your pillow covers.

My pillow actually on one side already has this sort of pocket where you can stick your pillow in.

We like to also kind of fold the other side in as well. You get kind of that nice hotel look with your pillows and you won’t see any seams, edges or tags.

bed decorating ideas

Now we’re talking stacking your pillows.

Most are amazing options. There’s not one that’s better than the other. It kind of depends on the look that you’re going for.

One can be a little bit more kind of formal, while the other can be a little bit more casual, but both of them look beautiful.

Now we’re talking about the duvet cover.

This is also the white terry duvet cover and there’s a few different ways to fold your duvet.

The first one is a single fold. It’s nice and clean and simple and it gives you a nice tailored look.

You want to use your hand underneath to get a crisp line and then just pull it taut.

There’s a second way to do this as well and this is a double fold

The single fold is a nice easy way to make your bed simple, classic and still looks elevated.

The double fold is taking it up a notch and making it feel a little bit more cushiony, a little bit more relax.

We’ve got one more fold for you.

This half fold is great if you’ve got a beautiful quilt underneath that you want to layer or if you’ve got a ton of pillows that you need to showcase.

My favorite is the double layer for its deluxe feel.

So next up is your pillows. these add so much to your bed.

bed decor

We use pillows that are 24 by 24 and then we’ve also used a lumbar size pillows.

You could also do a 20 by 20 and then a long lumbar at the bottom.

You also want to play around with material.

We’ve got a heavy fixed, we’ve got a beautiful crushed velvet in blue and then a heavy bohemian textile at the bottom.

Here’s another route you can go.

You can use ginormous pillows, such as 30 by 30 and pair them with a 20 by 20.

It can have a nice heavy texture and then we’ve got a faux leather and this is fine if you want to minimize the look of your pillows.

You can totally just do two layers.

We typically do the three layers just because it has that tailored look and we’ve got a long lumbar with heavy texture.

Use a typical king size throw that will cover the length of your bed and elongate it over the entire bottom.

We’re just going to go with the typical size throw and kind of loosely put it on for a more casual look.

To take it up a notch, we like to add an extra element, to bring your bedroom into the next level.

Add a tray with stacks of books, you can add a coffee mug, you can add botanicals. It’s a great way to elevate your space even further.

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