Guide to Making a Bed (Tips & Tricks)

This article will be your guide to making a bed in three simple steps.

Making the bed is a great way to display your care for your surroundings, which reflects the elegant care and respect you have for yourself This is a key to elegance.

To make a mice and cozy bed, we will need a fitted sheet and flat sheet, pillows of your choice and pillowcases to slip them in, two bed coverings of your choice and an optional throw blanket, if you prefer.

Let’s begin with the first step.


Placing the sheets.

We will be covering the mattress with the fitted sheet and then the flat sheet will be layered on top. The difference between the fitted sheet and the flat sheet is the size of the fitted sheet are completely elastic, which allows them to slip easily over the corners for a tighter fit around a mattress.

Let’s begin by taking the fitted sheet and simply spreading it over the bed.

Then we’re going to match the corners of the finished sheet with the corners of the mattress and this will make sure we are placing the sheet the right way before tucking it in.

For secure fit, find a corner of this fitted sheet with the tag sewn inside and match that corner with the bottom left corner of the mattress.

Starting at this bottom left corner, we are going to pull the corner of the fitted sheet over the corner of the mattress. Be sure to pull it taut, tucking the edges tightly beneath the mattress and then smoothing it out with your hands.

Now let’s move diagonally to the next corner and repeat.

An easy way to do this is to lift a corner slightly as we go, to tuck the sheet in as well as possible.

Repeat for the remaining two corners.

After we have secured the fitted sheets, next is the flat sheet.

The flat sheet is the first covering placed over the fitted sheet. However it is completely optional.

If you do choose to include two flat sheets, it’s very important that we first find a side that has the large hem.

This is the side of the sheets that will be placed at the head of the mattress. Lay the flat sheet down by aligning the large hem with the head of the bed. Then stand at the foot of the bed and spread the flat sheet out evenly.

From there make sure it is centered, so the excess material hangs evenly over both sides at the foot of the bed.

If one side is longer, gently pull a sheet on a shorter side to even them out.

How far you pull a flat sheet up is completely up to you. It can be brought all the way up to the top of the mattress or a small space can be left between the top of the sheets and the head of the bed.

The important thing to keep in mind is to ensure the top edge of the sheets is even with the top edge of the mattress. The sides hang down equally and there is plenty of extra material at the bottom

After the flat sheet is placed evenly on a bed, we now have the option of tucking it in, to keep it in place. This is completely optional. So if you prefer to simply leave your sheets hanging, feel free to skip this step.

One way to keep the sheets in place, yet still have easy access into the bed, is to tuck it in the flat sheet at only the foot of the mattress. This can be achieved by gathering the extra material at the end of the bed and tucking it neatly beneath both corners at the foot of the mattress.

From here, flat sheet can be tucked in as well or left hanging. It is completely up to you. Choose what works best for you and your comfort.

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Now it’s time to add the bed coverings.

For the second step, choose a blanket, quilt or duvet according to the climates and season. See best blankets for beds.

Once you have selected your bed covering of choice, lay it on top of the bed evenly across.

Remember to smooth the edges as you go, so it hangs evenly over both sides.

The covering may be pulled higher or lower on the mattress, depending on your preference. And just as a flat sheet, we had the option here to tuck and fold a covering neatly, wherever it seems necessary or simply leave it hanging. It’s all up to you.

Depending on your personal preference, a second bed covering may be layered on top.

Whether you choose a quilt, comforter, duvet or other bed covering, lay it down over the bed and spread it out, making sure it is centered, so it hangs evenly over both sides. Then smooth out the bed covering, so it lays as flat as possible.

This is a great way to cover any hanging edges on the sides, if the blankets and sheets underneath are left untucked as well.

Other option we have is folding the bed covering down to create a neat and inviting look.

Starting at the top of the bed, we can fold the top of the covering down to leave just enough room to place the pillows. Then do the same with the other coverings and sheets underneath.

As always remember to smooth out the sheets and covers as you go to keep them neat, which is a key for a cozy bed.

If you’d like, you may also add a throw blanket as a final layer and for temperature flexibility.

Layering the covers like this also makes it simple to transition a bed in between seasons.

You may keep the extra blanket extended on top or neatly folded at the end of the bed and this gives you the option to adjust a bed to your ideal warmth, so when it’s cold you can easily pull the blanket over and then fold it down, if it gets warm.

Remember how exactly you make the bed depends on what looks and feels best for you.

Now that all of the covers are on, we can finalize the bed with pillows.

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Piles and piles of extra fancy pillows are not necessary.

Remember, a simplicity is elegance after all. So choose however many pillows feel best for you.

What is most important is to keep your pillows tidy and well protected.

So let’s first place them in their cases.

One way to do this is to first take the pillowcase and turn it inside out.

Next find a side of the pillow that has tags. Now place your hands inside the pillowcase and grab onto two corners. With your hands inside of the pillowcase, match the corners of the pillowcase with the corners of the pillow on the tagged end side.

Then flip the case over to fall onto the pillow and pull it down to cover the pillow entirely.

We can repeat this for any other pillows we have that need to be placed in a pillow case.

Once all of the pillows are in their cases, arrange them at the top of the bed in any way you’d like.

For a neat and polished look, place the pillows with the sides with the open flaps of the pillowcase facing outwards.

This way when the pillows are placed next to each other, the same set of pillowcases will be lined up at the edges.

The pillows may be layered by propping them upright or they may be placed flat on top of the bed and then tucked under the covers.

Remember there’s no special rules to follow here.

These are all simply suggestions, so feel free to fix up your pillows in a way that works best for you.

Great job you have now made yourself a neat and cozy bed in three simple steps.

Remember this is simply a guide so feel free to adjust these steps to your own comfort and preference.

This way you may create and enjoy a simple yet comfortable atmosphere by displaying your elegant care for your amazing self and the space around you.

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