Bed Decor Ideas

I’m going to show you how to create a perfectly layered bed.


So, you know whenever you’re on a vacation and you’re staying at a hotel, everything just seems so luxurious, especially the bed.

Well, all of those pillows and layers, they create this almost ultimate cozy spot that’s impossible to leave.

Today, I’m gonna show you how to create a perfectly layered bed in your own home.

Now before we get started, we do need to establish some ground rules:

Sizing of pillows and blankets are slightly different for a king, queen or twin bed.

So, in general, whenever you’re making your sizes, you’re going to size up for king and you’re gonna size down for a twin.

But from here on out the things I’m going to be referring to are my tips are for a queen-size bed.

Do not underestimate the importance of duvet inserts.

These are the key ingredient to making your layered bed the absolute fluffiest and most luxurious it can be.

I recommend getting a king-sized insert for your queen duvet, because it makes it the duvet really pop and it’s just incredibly cozy.

Not only do they transform your bed into a fluffy paradise, they also add a whole extra layer of warmth and are great for turning those chilly nights into cozy ones.

bed decor

One more tip making a bed is always easier with another person.

To start with, if you don’t already have one, you’re gonna want to invest in either a mattress topper or a mattress pad. See best rated mattresses.

They go on top of your mattress and under your fitted sheet and come in all sorts of materials. These antibacterial bed sheets are amazing.

Once that’s settled, place the fitted sheet on top of it and really tuck the sheet in well and all around the mattress. So, the mattress topper doesn’t wiggle around in your sleep.

Next, place the top sheet on top of the fitted sheets. See top rated bed sheets.

Pro tip – make the bed with the top sheet facing right side down so you can fold it over once the whole bed is made, so the soft side is on your body.

After that, you want to put on your first blanket. The key is to make sure this first blanket is pretty flat so that it contrasts nicely with the duvet you’re about to put on top of it.

Remember the inserts! Once you place them in your duvet, you’re ready to put your duvet on your bed.

Fold it and the top sheet under it about halfway down the bed so that the bottom of the duvet is hitting just above the ground, and the top of the duvet is in line with where you folded your top sheet.

To finish out your blankets add a throw to the bottom third of your bed.

It’s super easy to do this at because you can find multiple piece sets to achieve this look and save money!

Start the pillow layering with two king shams at the headboard.

The second layer is two standard pillows in front of these. For a fuller look, you can add a second set of standard pillows with a matching comforter pillowcases.

From there, add two decorative accent pillows in front of your standard pillows.

For full symmetry, I personally add an additional 1 pillow in front. Either a statement pillow or a bolster pillow.

It really ties the whole hotel, but not a hotel vibe together.

This look just like a bed in a hotel!

bed decorating ideas

Here are 3 more ways to style your bed.

First up, the traditional classic.

Begin layering by placing two euro pillows in either shams or pillowcases against your headboard.

Next, add in two bed pillows, these will be your pillows with the sheet pillow shams.

In front of these, you will have your comforter shams to create texture.

Next on the docket, the modern clean.

I start with the sheet pillows. Then the pillows on top with the coordinating bedding shams.

Next add in your decorative pillows. To tie it all together, add a blanket to the bottom of the bed, but make sure it runs parallel to the main blanket.

And last but not least, the casual.

To begin, place two euro pillows in shams against your headboard. Then add standard pillows and shams directly in front of them.

Get three different size decorative pillows. From here, layer in a comforter on your normal blanket but hang it off the side a little so it’s on the bias of your bed.

Once in full move and you’ve got a whole new vibe going on.

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